Why part 2

Further reasons we must vote them all out 

Even when a truly good intentioned leader runs for office and really wants to do what's best for America and our vast majority, he/she always ends up being faced with the stark reality that he can't get enough funding and votes to win unless he makes promises to the special interest groups offering the money and votes.

So they're faced with the impossible choice of not compromising and not receiving the money and votes to be elected, or make the promises to these special interest groups, receive the money and votes, and become elected. In effect, all of our elected leaders have already been well compromised by the time they make office.

Once in office they are faced with the choice of again trying to do what's really best for America, or keep their promises they made to the special interest groups that gave them campaign money and votes that allowed them to get elected. So either way they go, they would have to break promises to either us or the special interest groups. 

What a good charactar leader (if there still are any at this point) might do, is try and walk a fine line to keep his promises made to the special interest groups while trying to bend the promise enough to do a little something for us. 

If he trys to do too much for us against the will of his special interest groups he knows he will be breaking his promise and that they will pressure him incessantly and withhold their donations and support. So then out of fear and self-interest, he rationalizes that it's at least better for him to be in office where he can do even a little, than be out of office and not be able to do anything.

If there still could be a true and honest heroe type at this point, he would first apologize to the special interest groups for breaking the promise/understanding with them, and explain that because of his conscience and genuine concern for America, he must do what is best for the vast majority of Americans. Unfortunately, although this would set a good example, it would probably bring down the wrath of the special interest groups who would withdraw their support and create all kinds of personal attacks which would culminate in the loss of his job.

So now you can see another reason why our leaders won't work for us against the wishes of their dominating special interest groups. This is also another reason truly good people who know politics, are not willing to run for office. In our system, it is basically impossible to end up with a truly good charactar leader who has to make these kind of compromises to become that leader. 

So again, it is really in the hands of us, the 2/3rds majority, to make it possible for good people to become leaders without having having to compromise to the special interest groups. By voting them ALL out, we will prove to our leaders that our influence and power (sheer voting numbers!) is far greater than all of the special interest groups combined!
You can also see that the ideal would be to put in only candidates who still hadn't been compromised by special interest money. In some cases we can do this to a certain extent by voting in an independent candidate who might be on the ballet (usually, they have received the least special interest money because the special interest groups don't normally donate to candidates they don't think they can be elected. 

However, in most cases, we will have to vote out the incumbent for a new Democrat or Republican who has already received special interest money. However, we will have already set a strong precedence as they begin office, where they will know for certain that we are the ones who's vote made the difference to get them in- NOT the special interest groups vote. Also, there will such a precedence set and the accompanying momentum and pressure, that it will be much easier for these elected leaders to go against the special interest groups and actually do what is best for our country and our 2/3rds majority.

Then, the first thing we should immediately pressure them to do, is PROBLEM # 1, campaign finance reform. This could easily be done with just the stroke of the pen in signing legislation that outlaws all donations and requires a small percentage of our tax dollars to finance all of the campaigns. Then our elected leaders would know that their special interest groups could no longer give them any money, and they would have no reason to listen to them any longer. In fact, they wouldn't even have to listen to them for their possible votes because they would already know that we, the 2/3rds majority, would be the ones who would completely dominate the voting.

Now, it's truly up to you, the 2/3rds majority of reasonable Americans. 

-Will you play partisanship like the leaders you criticise, and keep an incumbent of your party in?
-Will you do what's really best for America and the only way to change our special interest catering, political partisanship stale mate, and vote out every incumbent?

This can truly be the dawn of a new era of politics for the people- or just another continuation of stale mate and continuing benefits for the rich and other special interest groups.

You can make this huge difference. 
You can make history and change politics forever! 

If the 15 problems aren't fixed,
commit to use your 2/3rds majority power to Vote out ALL incumbents on Nov. 2nd, 2010!