New info. Sept. 2011

Sept. 26, 2011
Wow, and we thought the partisan divide was bad in June!(see June entry below). Just look how much more incapable and uncooperative our leaders are now.
They certainly don't look like they're working for us. 
We need jobs! But they're not passing anything that is really helping jobs.
There are really only 2 major hurdles to employers hiring more people. 
1- DEMAND for their product
2- Regulations that make it difficult to hire

Don't be deceived by the ideologically based argument that employers aren't hiring because of worry of higher taxes. That is baloney and not founded in real life experience (even with a tax deduction, no employer is going to hire someone if they don't have more demand for their product to justify the hiring). And on the other hand, even if the tax rate is raised 5% (like it was in the 1990's when many millions of jobs were created) no employer is going to refrain from hiring another employee if there is more profit to be made from hiring.
There are a number of other ridiculous stances being taken in order NOT to get our 10 problems solved.
For example, it seems that that the other side is so intent on having ideal, no polution energy like solar power, that they won't do the expedient thing of drilling for more oil and especially natural gas which is even better (but not ideal like they want).
Solar and wind are just not ready to cover a large enough percentage of our energy needs. So although it should be fostered, natural gas should be strongly encouraged as an interim solution see the "Pickens Plan" to quickly create 500,000 more jobs).
Anyway, it's definitely looking as though we'll need to vote them all out again in 2012.
As outlined, they are all beholden to their special interest groups and or rigid and impractical ideologies.

June 23, 2011 
Well, it's now in the latter half of June and it's been over 5 months since our new leaders took office in the senate and congress. Little has been accomplished. Continuous partisan fighting and rigid ideologies will not actually take care of our problems. All new leaders must treat our country more like they'd act if it were a FAMILY company (Family USA Company). For example, concerning the budget-- we would not only cut all unnecessary expenses but we would also do our best to increase our revenues and even make some expenditures for our future profits (and obviously we'd do whatever we could to get our unemployed family members employed even if were at lower wages).
The democrats aren't willing to make enough necessary cuts and the republicans aren't willing to increase our tax revenues even through the rich who can actually afford to help. And neither party seems to have any good plans on investing in our future and infrastructure.
So the bottom line is that as a group they are NOT taking care of our problems. IF they don't get their act together soon, we should gear up for a strong anti-incubent movement again in 2012 (and every 2 years thereafter until they start getting it right!).