Why vote out
Voting out ALL incumbents will get results, while all other half measures will not.

, we must recognize that our system is definetly broken and even in a recent CNN poll (in Sept. 2006) 78% of Americans "believe our government is broken". The only way to fix this broken system is to make a major change in the way it operates.
*Our leaders are very human, and like us, they only do unpleasant things (like going against the special interest groups) when they absolutely have to; AND there appear to be no self-sacrificing "heroes" in politics (they always do what's best for their own job security, not what's necessarily best for our country). IF we actually vote them all out, they will KNOW that doing what's best for the country (our 2/3rds majority will) is also best for their job security!).
*Because we've always been forgiving, and continue to vote mostly along party lines, and keep many incumbents in, they've never really feared or respected us. That is why they have never gone against the special interest groups and solved these 15 PROBLEMS.
*We only have real power on election day when we can actually fire ineffective and self-serving leaders. All the talking, negotiating and demonstrating means nothing until they know that ALL of them will be fired if they haven't united and followed our 2/3rds will. So we must set a clear and unforgettable example (not just threats) and actually vote them all out. In effect, they have all done a terrible job by not passing legislation to solve our 15 major problems. Employees like these would usually be fired in weeks not years! (There may be some rare, "innocent casualties of war", but if a truly good leader does get removed, he/she can just come back in 2 years and run again. They have enough money- and it's not nearly the hardships that we have suffered for many years because of their inaction and mis-action.)
*BY SETTING A PRECEDENCE and actually voting EVERY LEADER out, all current and new leaders will know for certain that they WILL be removed every election if they don't ALL work together and, at least, pass our 2/3rds majority agreement problems.

This will also show that we're NOT voting any particular party in or out (both the Democrats and the Republicans are owned by the special interest groups). We're just voting our outrage at both parties by getting rid of all of them. They'll also know that the new representatives who are voted in just because they're running against an incumbent are not getting in because they are Republican or Democrat. They are only getting in because we have no other choices at this time. This should remove any possible arrogance- AND they will certainly know that they too will be kicked out if they don't follow our 2/3rds majority will and FIX the 15

*This is the only way that the leaders will respect and fear us enough to solve these problems against
influence of the powerful special interest groups. WE, will finally be THE GROUP that gets results!