In a democracy, the will of the majority is supposed to prevail and be acted on by elected leaders!
A 51% majority does not constitute a clear mandate for our leaders, 60% probably does, but 67% (2/3rds) is a crystal clear mandate that absolutely should be acted on by our leaders in a non-partisan, unified way. The vast majority of us can probably agree on the need to solve certain major problems like the 15 obvious problems facing us now.

It is our job as the two thirds majority, to make sure that our leaders follow our collective will on these clear and pressing issues.

We can not allow partisanship to polarize our leaders into doing nothing when they have a CLEAR two thirds majority mandate from us. America is a democracy, and at very least, our leaders must follow the majority's will when it is so overwhelming agreed on by over two thirds of American adults. There may be a time when the two thirds majority is wrong on an issue, but at least it will be OUR decision and not the minority rich or other special interest groups.
For decades, they have mandated MANY bad choices that have been dead wrong and destructive to our country. 

At least with our two thirds majority choices there is a much greater chance that it will affect the majority of Americans in a positive way.

We must commit now, and if necessary, actually vote them all out Nov. 2nd, 2010. This will show our leaders that in a TRUE DEMOCRACY, the will of the vast majority must be followed! This will establish the necessary precedence and mandate to force our leaders to follow our 2/3rds majority will- and fix the 15 PROBLEMS!