Vote them out
VOTING ALL INCUMBENTS OUT IS THE ONLY WAY  to fix our "broken government".

Interestingly, a recent poll in about Sept. 2006 asked this very question and 47% of respondents agreed that ALL incumbents should be voted out (recently that percentage has continued to increase). The percentage would certainly be much higher if Americans understood the logic and importance of voting out all incumbents and what it could accomplish.
Our representatives, both Democrat and Republican, have been bought by the special interest groups who fund their campaigns and supply the necessary votes to break the usually tight races. They absolutely need their money and votes to win because most of us usually just vote Republican or Democrat no matter what they do. They don't respect or fear us. So they always ignore our demands and cater to the special interest groups. This will always be the case until they KNOW that WE are ones calling the shots.

WE, must be the ones who vote them in or out. 

We, the 2/3rds of reasonable Americans must unite as a group and commit to vote them ALL out if they don't do OUR will. This will send them a crystal clear message that we will no longer tolerate partisanship and catering to the special interest groups. Then if they still don't unite and fix our 15 problems before the next election cycle, we must follow through with our commitment and actually vote them ALL out (the military also effectively uses group punishment to apply pressure on uncooperative members).
Our leaders absolutely must KNOW 

that if they don't work together as a unified group (not as partisan Democrats or Republicans), and if they don't do what the vast majority of Americans want done, they absolutely WILL lose their jobs every time there's a new election! WE must be the group they need for re-election, not the special interest groups. We must be the group they respect and fear, not the special interest groups. The only way this can happen is for our vast majority (over 2/3rds of reasonable Americans) to act as a non-partisan, unified group, and to vote them ALL out (unless they've unified and fixed our major national problems in their past term).

NOTE: Because 77% of national congressional races are decided within a 10% voting margin, we could still send a huge message even without all 67% of us. The ideal would be to have an actual 67% voting block to totally control our leaders, 20% would probably knock out 95% of incumbents, and 10% for about 77% voting out. So this is very doable! Please be that voter who uses logic and common sense to vote effectively by "Voting them all out".
Almost certainly, at least 2/3rds of us DO agree on the need for solving the 15 MAJOR problems outlined in "Fix 15 Problems". We too, must be non-partisan, put aside our differences on lesser issues, and finally get these all important, major problems taken care of first!  Voting ALL incumbents out WILL change "politics as usual" and apply the necessary pressure to finally fix our broken system and make our politicians responsive to OUR needs. Whenever they haven't  fixed our bi-partisan supported major problems in their past term- we must fire ALL of them!
(Please read further to see the great things that could be accomplished ("Fix 15 Problems).
We must commit now to voting them ALL out on Nov. 4th, 2008, 2010 and beyond if they don't get results soon! 
Let's start this commitment now: 
1- Forward this website address to educate others
2- Check back monthly for updates (and our eventual formalized plan/campaign on how to unify ourselves and vote them all out).